Apparently, there is a Guinness World Record for the biggest Silent Hill collection, and the Whitney Chavis is the holder of this record…. Check out her 12-minute video where she shows of her collection of 342 pieces of memorabilia. You can also check out the official Konami interview with her from the source.

My collection is spreading!


Honestly time, the  main reason I joined society6 in the first place was to make a deadly premonition mug for my bff. While I was at it I also reconfigured the food items to be make sense on other stuff and the RB sticker turned out so cute it had to be included! 

A link to he mug

A link to the sticker

<3 <3 <3 <3

Woo my poster


quick snap of some teenage York, went a little rogue on the hair. Am I allowed to love him so much?

What a hottie!

With these two issues my #silenthill comic collection (pre Anne’s Story) is complete :) More info http://silenthillcollection.com

As of today this little guy has been with me a year <3